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Corporate Social Responsibility

Responsible leadership and operational excellence are hallmarks at the AKER Group. Our societal responsibility framework is built on creating wealth for shareholders by making it ethically and making a difference — enables us to make contributions and create value for society in ways that are aligned to the business strategy of the company.

Creating value for society is an integral part of our business. We believe that contributing to the well-being and development of society is an extension of everything we do.

Reaffirming our role as a contributing member of social and economic environment, we align our business operations with social values. As a responsible corporate citizen, we leverage the power of globalization to bridge the “digital divide” that limits opportunities for success and prosperity. As a result, we aim at transforming the lives of the underprivileged.

The AKER Foundation is committed to transforming the lives of the underprivileged in urban areas. The contribution is specifically targeted at the child laborers trapped in the realms of the society. As a first step towards this cause, AKER is proud to be associated with Shabnam Resources (www.shabnamresources.com), a charitable trust based out of Chennai, India. The AKER Foundation is a support framework aiding the vulnerable and underprivileged sections in urban areas. Its various initiatives are aimed at transforming the quality of life, deploying technology and harnessing volunteerism. AKER collaborates with Shabnam to achieve its objectives in this mission towards a child labor free India.

The AKER Foundation focuses all its activities in the six core areas of – Street Children, Education, Livelihoods, HIV/AIDs, Child Labour and Distressed homes.